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Mon père à présenter mon article L'Anorexie:Les préjugés à sa patronne qui a souffert d'Anorexie étant plus jeune. Elle a subit plusieur abus dans sa jeunesse et a passer à travers beaucoup d'épreuve. Aujourd'hui elle est en santé. Elles à toujours l'anorexie qui habite au fond d'elle mais elle mange bien, mieux.

Merci beaucoup pour ce beau message.


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Le Mail.


''Your daughter is extremely self aware. This is a brilliant thing in life. She knows what she is feeling, what she is living and what she is going through. She has an undeniable aptitude for conveying what she is feeling in words. She is extremely articulate and honest. When I was her age, I too wrote and expressed myself as intelligently and openly, candidly. You should be very proud of her ability to see things as they are and not live in a fantasy world. From her level of understanding, I have NO doubt she will get out of this pattern. She will fin other means of controlling her life. For me it was cleanliness, housework, and serious exercise. But at least I started eating again. I simply became obsessed with vacuuming and running.


She has in her a need to be in control. Once she finds healthier ways to give herself more control, she will move away from anorexia.


One good thing is that she does not want to go backward as time advances....her anorexia is in a sense taking away her control, but she does not see that yet. If she has a strong desire to succeed in life, in school or in university, as I did for example, that desire will win over the anorexia.


The trick is to get her to understand that anorexia takes away does not give her control.


I think your daughter is amazing!








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